We are a Cutting-edge, Innovative and Solution-driven Tech Start-up

OTUMAS LIMITED is a leading Nigerian IT company duly registered in 2014 with its office in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

Otumas offers services in Cyber Security, Software development, Programming, Data analytics, Cloud computing, Animation, Website development, Fintech, business processes and solutions. We blend Business and Internet Intelligence by developing innovative cyber investigative, encrypted communications and business solutions that are targeted at enabling our clients operate more efficiently.

Over the years, we have offered our services to Nigerian Government Agencies, Private companies and individuals. As a CSR company, we have trained over 200 web developers in Abuja, the Federal University of Technology (FUT) MinnaJos and other cities.

Our services are in two aspects; Technical services and Training services. We provide services that are of high standard and in line with global best practices. Our services are aimed at introducing Efficiency, enhancing Productivity and repositioning our clients for Profitability.

Our team comprises of cyber experts, software and web developers, programmers, Animators and Graphic designers that consistently deliver state-of-the-art solutions and trainings in various areas including Website development, Cyber security, Mobile Apps development, Motion graphics, Social media strategies, Internet/Intranet applications and communication & network management experts.

Our success is founded on Professionalism, Integrity and Exceptional client service delivering the highest standard of solutions tailored to the technology needs and objectives of our clients.

It is our corporate culture to ensure our clients are satisfied by delivering any project within the stipulated project duration and according to global best practices.



Secure Web Design

Build credibility and stay ahead of the digital game by choosing Silex Secure to be your partner in website design & development that delivers a professional look and feel, is easy to navigate, mobile responsive, will attract more visitors and convert them to paying customers for your business.

Custom Software Development

The foundation of our existence is on web development. From front-end to back-end applications, we have the skills and experience to bring your project to life. We turn concepts into reality by providing you with the key enterprise software solution that your organization needs, within budget constraints and a tight schedule.

Mobile App Development

Silexsecure help you make the perfect online representation of your business. Our experts are capable of understanding the needs of your business, and that’s why we develop mobile applications that provide an amazing end-to-end customer experience.

Exceptional project delivery

We have experience in the delivery and management of large IT training and infrastructure projects, and are confident of offering our clients a reliable and innovative approach to any project that we undertake.


Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is a product that has been created to counter residual risk associated with the information systems of asset owners. In layman terms, this is used to protect businesses from Internet-based Cyber risks, and more generally from risks are related to information technology infrastructure and related activities.

Many small business owners says that this type of insurance is only required by big companies, and they have to worry about it. But the truth is, that there are thousands of small businesses which handling sensitive information that could be exposed, leaving them liable to numerous claims. Now days every business is connected to Internet and all it takes is one breach, it can be either a sophisticated hacking attack or employee’s laptop being stolen, which may cost a lot to the business.


As criminal phenomena become more aggressive and elusive, notably in the area of cyber attacks committed through the exploitation of technology, SILEX SECURE LAB is  Design and Develop  a secure, dedicated and integrated platform codename – Def-COMS™, which is aimed to offer a secure solution for communications within and  restricting access to sensitive information to non-state actors.

Def-COMS is a fully secure mobile, digital encryption platform that would allow your communications to remain secure and free from hacking. Through the exceptionally user-friendly platform, user, will have totally secure communications services available across voice, conference and video calls, instant messaging, email and file storage.